Process for founders

The investing process

  1. Send an email with a link to a deck and/or a screen-share walkthrough (e.g. using Loom)
  2. 30-minute call to get to know each other - sending a calendly link in the email is encouraged
  3. Done. I'll let you know via email if we're going to proceed.

Note: We'll happily introduce you to other investors that could be suitable.

After investing

Some of the things you can get from me after I've invested:

  • Advice on how to build, engage and grow a community
  • Share thoughts and answer questions around founder experiences
  • Introduce you to:
    • potential investors for current and future rounds
    • potential customers (business or consumer)
    • Intros
  • Give product feedback where requested
  • Get out of the way

Note: I'll stay out of your way until you need me. You've got enough to focus on without me bothering you often. I'll be as involved as you want me to be.

Contact me

Twitter - @bentossell

Email - ben@makerpad.fund