Scout Program


Weโ€™re piloting the Makerpad Scout program in 2021. Our program is cash-based. No complicated carry structures. No fund return hurdles to clear.

If you refer a company we fund, weโ€™ll simply cut you a check that you can do with as you wish.

The Makerpad Fund is focused on investing in no-code and low-code companies (not companies built on these tools).

Current investments include Causal, Stacker, Supabase, [redacted] and Stagger.

The goal of this program is to activate our community, develop their track records and accelerate the expansion of the Makerpad ecosystem.


Please read all the details on this page before applying. Apply to be a scout here

How it works

  1. Fill in the form to register your interest
  2. Review and sign the Scout Agreement
  3. Get access to our private scout docs & links
  4. Refer companies via a private link
  5. We chat to the founders referred
  6. If we invest, you get paid


How much will scouts get paid?

Typical scout programs pay 1% of invested capital. We invest $25k - $50k (right now), so you will be paid $250 - $500 for each successful referral.

Any geographical limitations on companies referred?

No. Most of our investments are North America and Europe currently but we do not have a limit on where we will invest.

Which stage does Makerpad invest in companies?

Pre-seed and Seed primarily. As our check size is currently small, these are the rounds where we can make a difference. As the fund grows, so will our check sizes.

How are intros made between Scout and Company?

Once you've filled in the form to bring a company to our attention. We will let you know if we'd like to be introduced. To help with simplicity, context and be respectful, we only partake in double opt-in introductions.